Myth Takes

Myth Takes, the new offering from Sacramento indie-electro-disco-punk rockers !!!, struts and shakes its way through ten fervent and feverish tracks the same way lead singer Nic Offer does through a live performance.

The album opens with Offer's whispery and gritty chanting over a dark guitar riff straight out of an old western. This title track vibrates with energy, but of a more latent kind than the bulk of the album, a set of sexy dance-floor-ready pieces ready to combust with vigor and confidence. "All My Heroes Are Weirdos" shimmies and crescendos to a full drum circle beat at the end and listeners abandon all hope of sitting still. "A New Name" writhes into a shrill chorus worthy of a disco anthem, and funky "Yadnus" smacks of Stevie Wonder crossed with Nine Inch Nails. !!! certainly has a formula down, creating well constructed and beat driven licks that keep listeners in constant anticipation of a climax worthy of the buildup.

"Break In Case of Anything" is the epitome of disco and is unexpectedly followed by the slow, pensive and strange "Infiniford." The album is obvious and consistent in its mission and this final tune may be the only real surprise on Myth Takes. Mixing in as wide-ranging influences as those mentioned above, the band succeeds at once in being both experimental and crowd pleasing.

It is apparent that !!! is more focused on the auditory merits of their lyrics, valuing them more as sounds and beats that make our bodies move than concerning themselves with what the words say. "Sweet Life" though, with a Kraftwerk-worthy electronic opening, seems to be more guitar and lyric focused, but then makes the true preference obvious when for a chorus Offer starts simply singing the notes that are being played. The album doesn't say much aside from the fact that these guys like to dance and want you to do the same. Listeners should willingly comply.


By Julie Alvin

Myth Takes