Robbie Williams Released From Rehab

Last month we reported that the British pop icon Robbie Williams checked himself into rehab center in Arizona. He spent three weeks in the facility for treatment of his addiction to prescription medication. After entering the clinic on his thirty-third birthday, Williams is now out and back at his Los Angeles home.

BBC News reported that he will now continue with an "after-care program" in Los Angeles, and is working with a drink and drugs counselor. His mother has also flown to the US to watch after him as well. She spoke with BBC Radio, saying that his treatment was a gift for her. We wish Robbie all the best, and continued luck with his battle against drug use. Get well soon!

For those of you who might not "get" Robbie, check out the live video clip below. Regardless of whether or not you dig his brand of pop, there is no questioning his talent as a performer.

"Let Me Entertain You" Live In Leeds

Robbie Wiliams

Robbie Williams Released From Rehab