Stereophonics Turn Ten

The UK's Stereophonics turned ten this year, marking one decade together as a band. To celebrate, they will be releasing a DVD compilation entitled Rewind, which looks as far back in the band's history to their early days as Zephyr and Tragic Love Company. The footage will also feature interview clips with Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Bono and Jimmy Page.

Frontman Kelly Jones spoke to XFM about the DVD's contents. He said: "It starts off with us as kids, then getting a record deal, then getting smashed, then getting successful, then the band having a bad period, then coming out the other side with our first number one single."

Jones also mentioned that the band has started work on their follow-up to Language.Music.Sex.Other?, adding: "Its a big sounding record with the energy of the last album but the big choruses and big songs of Performance And Cocktails Its a good mix of what we've been up to. Its very much 'in your face' and the biggest sound we've ever had on a record. It took us a long time to find ourselves and how we truly wanted to sound, and I think we've got pretty close to that with this album."

The Rewind DVD will hit stores in the UK on April 2. Peep the trailer below:

Stereophonics - Rewind Trailer

Stereophonics Turn Ten