The Tripwire MusicNation Pick Of The Week

Since those kids over at Music Nation and we here at The Tripwire share a common goal of helping (good) unsigned, undiscovered talent get "found," we decided to start a new weekly feature. Each Friday, The Tripwire will pick our favorite video/song from MusicNation's stable of contestants and post both the video AND an MP3 from each artist.

This week's "pick" is a band called The Barons from Ft. Worth, TX, and their song/video "Eternal Dawn." It's a ready for alternative radio "hit," that starts out as a piano ballad and ends with full on explosion of emo-tastic goodness that the kiddies are sure to go nuts for. Check it out below.

"Eternal Dawn" Video

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"Eternal Dawn" MP3

The Barons on MusicNation
The Barons (official)

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The Tripwire MusicNation Pick Of The Week