Austin: Kenna @ Levi's/FADER Fort

As a fan of Kenna's for several years now, it was a treat to finally see him perform live. Kenna, the oldest son of an immigrant Ethiopian family, absorbed a broad range of musical styles as he grew up. From U2 to Stevie Wonder, he took these influences and created his own musical vision that lies somewhere between The Neptunes and Oingo Boingo.

His live set was comprised of songs from his upcoming new album, Make Sure They See My Face. He was backed by a full band, who helped translate his cool urban beats to more of a rock setting. Saul Williams was standing front and center during the set, and if you have the respect of Saul, you are well on your way. The highlight of the set was the energetic "Out Of Control," with its chant-along chorus that had many a fist in the air.


Austin: Kenna @ Levi's/FADER Fort