Austin: The Boggs @ Levi's/FADER Fort

Brooklyn's The Boggs wrapped up today's festivities at The Fort, bringing some east coast indie rock to the Lone Star State. Jason Friedman is the main Bogg, bringing along David Lloyd Wofford and Christian Obermaier to take care of bass and drum duties.

You should remember these guys from Podcast 024, during which Robert English played "Remember The Orphans." The Boggs' set ripped through material from the upcoming album Forts, which will be released via Gigantic Music. They combined aspects of garage rock, punk, folk and blues, all perfectly joined together to make some of the most exciting sounds of the year.

Make sure you pick up The Boggs' new record, Forts, when it hits stores on May 8.

The Boggs

Austin: The Boggs @ Levi's/FADER Fort