Austin: Winterkids @ Levi's/FADER Fort

The third act on this wet and wild opening day, Winterkids, rolled out a quick upbeat set. Hailing from Peaslake, Surrey in the UK, their sound is so perfectly British (complete with catchy melodies and posh accents) that it had no problem finding a home on this dreary day.

Frontman James Snider started off the set with energetic enthusiasm, prancing around the stage and spouting out vocals that would please any Emo kid. Rythmically, Chris Muldoon and Town Downer (drums and bass, respectively) rolled the band along like the sprawling green hills of their country. Guitarist Bradley Osborne completed their sound with his slices of fresh New Wave. Snider's sister, Hannah filled in the gaps with her bright keys and sweetie-pie dimples.

If you get the chance and feel like being in the know early on, check them out this week. If not don't worry because their sweet coupling of New Wave and Post-Punk sound is poised to take over major radio and high schoolers' iPods.


Austin: Winterkids @ Levi's/FADER Fort