Austin: Foreign Islands @ Levi's/FADER Fort

The hot and muggy crowd here at The Fort in Austin just got their pants rocked off by NYC's Foreign Islands. It has been a good while since I've seen these fellas perform, and they have totally taken their sound up a notch (or three). Their dance-indie rock anthems got plenty of heads nodding while music fans here are still trying to shake off their hangovers from last night's festivities.

Foreign Islands rocked through plenty of tunes from Restart Now!, including the killer single "We Know You Know It." With songs these strong, they should break free from their under-the-radar status any day now. These guys have the chops and the swagger to make it.

Up next is the Black Lips... and if you happen to know much about these guys... our next update should be pretty damn amusing. Stay tuned.

Foreign Islands

Austin: Foreign Islands @ Levi's/FADER Fort