Austin: Pete And The Pirates @ Levi's/FADER Fort

One of the best parts of being at The Fort is discovering the occasional new favorite new band. After just catching a stellar set from Pete And The Pirates, I can now say that I'm totally a fan. These lads from Reading, England just totally floored me. Fans of great British rock will be immediately smitten by their pitch perfect harmonies, catchy hooks and fun tunes.

Frontman Tomas Sanders has a cool stage presence, slightly mellow but totally confident and with one hell of a voice. Many props must go to their monster of a drummer, Jonny Sanders, who beat the bajeezus out of his kit. Those of us standing at the stage thought he actually might pass out at some point. Fortunately he made it to the end, and hot damn was it impressive. Add Pete And The Pirates to your list of bands to check out ASAP. They have a full-length album coming out soon, and something tells me it should be pretty rad.

Pete And The Pirates

Austin: Pete And The Pirates @ Levi's/FADER Fort