Austin: The Pipettes @ Levi's/FADER Fort

Day two of Levi's/FADER Fort is off to a great (and incredibly cute) start, with the throwback sound of the UK's The Pipettes. The three lovely ladies were preceded by their backing band, a group of coordinated players clad alike in yellow sweater-vests. The sweet sound of The Supremes and other Motown meets Bubble-gum pop melodies quickly filled the tent as RiotBecki, Gwenno and Rosay (yeah, their names) danced, swayed and pointed together.

The backing band took a back seat to the front-women for the most part, with the exception of the drummer, who supplied enough timely fills to make Ringo proud. His drumming (and the girls' pretty attitudes) were enough to get under the skin of the crowd, who couldn't get enough dancing and clapping. The Pipettes album, We Are The Pipettes, is out in the UK on Memphis Industries.

The Pipettes

Austin: The Pipettes @ Levi's/FADER Fort