Austin: Youth Group @ Levi's/FADER Fort

Youth Group rounded out the stunning first half of today's Tripwire event at the Levi's/FADER Fort by putting on an explosive rock spectacle of their own.

The now complete foursome ripped through tracks off of both 04's critically acclaimed Skeleton Jar and this year's Casino Twilight Dogs. Frontman Toby Martin's smooth, pitch-perfect voice carried over the sonic landscapes provided by Cameron Emerson-Elliot on guitar. The rhythm section battered on in perfect synchronization as Danny Allen and Patrick Matthews bumped along on drum and bass respectfully, helping to map out the building crescendos their albums showcase so well.

After the set I got a chance to chat with Toby and Cameron about their new album Casino Twilight Dogs and their experience at SXSW.

Youth Group

Austin: Youth Group @ Levi's/FADER Fort