Austin: Cloud Cult @ Levi's/FADER Fort

After obsessing over Cloud Cult's latest album, The Meaning Of 8, for a while now, it was a treat having them on stage at our day at The Fort. This Minneapolis group includes cello, violin, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and even two painters. Yup, two artists painted original works of art throughout the duration of the set.

While Gallows kicked our asses with a blast of punk rock caffeine, Cloud Cult helped soothe away our hangovers (thanks to a late night with Birdmonster) with some lush indie pop. The violin and cello harmonized beautifully over the band's upbeat set, during which they played one of my favorites, "Chemicals Collide."

With great music and the interesting visuals of the paintings, Cloud Cult was definitely a treat here at The Fort!

Cloud Cult

Austin: Cloud Cult @ Levi's/FADER Fort