Live - The Presets @ Mezzanine | SF

There are two main ways I feel music reviewers choose to go to shows: either they dig the band already in some degree, or they walk through the door without knowing anything about who's going to be on stage.

I am an adventure seeker, so I love the latter. One of my favorite things to do at a show is scope the general audience. At the Presets on Friday, I noted species from across the music spectrum: the scenester, the goth, the Skinny Puppy fan, the 1950's housewife who probably liked Elvis, all within a 10 foot radius of me.

Oh man. This was going to be good.

Australian duo Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes who make up the electropop outfit were already sweaty with hair tousled by their third song "I Go Hard I Go Home," a hard-hitting, pseudo-techno track with heavy synth and borderline drone-esque voice thanks to Hamilton. A flurry of hands and beer bottles were raised in adoration as the guys ripped through songs off Beams, and every time I thought I could finger where their set was going to take me I was slapped with a surprise: "Wait, this sounds like gay house; wait, now is it industrial?; hmm, so, now it's a little Faint; damn it, I don't know what this sounds like." All I knew for sure is within sixty seconds of me arriving at Mezzanine with my friend Regina in tow, we were stripped down to our tanks and dancing within the crowd of smorgasbord renegades and loving it.

The Presets delivered dancepunk anthem "Girl And The Sea," delved into UK single "Down Down Down" to treat the audience to cross-continental tunes, and then decided to play an eight-minute jam fest for their encore, which consisted of a lot of keyboards, a cowbell, and some sexy voice distortion.

I am in love. Thank you Presets for stealing my heart.

The Presets

Live - The Presets @ Mezzanine | SF