Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge

To those that are familiar with The Pierces, forget what you know. These former-AAA radio, too-pretty-to-be-real sisters have created a whimsical album full of dark labyrinths and enchanting fairytale playgrounds. The best part of it all is that they cover so many different genres while spinning their tales - from gypsy folk to electronic inspired beats.

Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge opens up with the acoustic, haunting and slinky "Secret" that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Up next is "Boring," a sexy slam on the A-list lifestyle of soirées full of champagne and how it really isn't all its cracked up to be. By the time the full-on folk of "Sticks And Stones" comes on, it's hard not to crack a smile and fall in love with these two sisters. Then there is "Lies," a swirling electronic Eastern-inspired track with a huge chorus. There are softer gems on the record as well including the seductive "Turn On Billie," and the magical, gentle "Three Wishes."

However easy it would be to say that each track is a standout, one in particular keeps pooping up as a most played; "Ruin." The bittersweet song first sounds angelic, but listening closely to the lyrics one will see that instead of love, it is in fact about hate. The chorus boasts, "I do not want you to be happy/All I want is for you to come crawling back/I want you to come to ruin."

The Pierces have made one hell of third record, one that will be their introduction to so many. In a time when the music world seems to be oversaturated with nameless bands and hyped rubbish, The Pierces shine through like a beacon of light on a cold and foggy night.

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The Pierces

Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge