Tivo Alert - Wayne Coyne On Leno + Lips Go Broadway

We are always interested in seeing what The Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne gets up to each year at SXSW. We've seen him lead a parade while walking in a giant bubble, we've run into him countless times walking down the street, and now we've seen him film a segment for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The results of his man-on-the-street segment will run this coming Thursday night, which we're sure will be an entertaining bit.

In other Flaming Lips news, it looks like Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots might be invading Broadway in the near future. In a recent interview on EW.com, Coyne discussed transforming their '02 album into a musical. About the story, he said: "There's the real world and then there's this fantastical world. This girl, the Yoshimi character, is dying of something. And these two guys are battling to come visit her in the hospital. And as one of the boyfriends envisions trying to save the girl, he enters this other dimension where Yoshimi is this Japanese warrior and the pink robots are an incarnation of her disease."

Finally... a musical that we are actually interested in seeing.

Flaming Lips

Tivo Alert - Wayne Coyne On Leno + Lips Go Broadway