Album Cover Artists Featured In Exhibit

In the world of brilliant album cover art, the names Stanley Donwood, Reggie Pedro, Jason Kidgley and Simon Taylor all instantly come to mind. These four designers have created some of the finest record covers in recent memory, which in the days of online music sales has almost become a lost art in itself.

Eyestorm is presenting an exhibit of new limited edition prints from each of these acclaimed artists, taking place at the Bankside Gallery in London from April 20 through May 20. If a few of these names don't ring a bell, Donwood has designed a majority of Radiohead's covers, Pedro has worked with Gomez, and Kedgley & Taylor are members of the design group Tomato, who have done art for Underworld.

The exhibit is called The Cover Up, comprised of works that were produced specifically for this event. For more information, visit Eyestorm's official website via the link below.

Cover Up Exhibition

Album Cover Artists Featured In Exhibit