Live - Dappled Cities @ Pianos | NYC

Usually the last thing a band, or a music fan for that matter, would want to do four days after SXSW would be go to a rock show. However when the concert is one of our favorite label's new bands (as well as one that we unfortunately missed last week), you better bet your sweet ass we will be there.

Last night Australia's Dappled Cities played their final US show for a few months at New York City's Pianos. The last time we caught them live was during CMJ, and they didn't disappoint. Despite being on the road for a while, the five-piece remained energetic and romped through their exuberant indie pop songs that will be on their upcoming album, Granddance.

It was hard not to compare the dual vocalists (Dave and Tim) to David Bowie at times; something about the way that they held their notes and range on "Colour Coding" totally screamed it. Additionally the guys' rhythm section held their own, each musician being fine in his own right. One of the highlights of the night was when they played what will be their first US single, "Fire Fire Fire," a layered track that boasts jangely guitars, a driving drum beat, and beautiful vocal range (think the falsetto of Mew's Jonas Bjerre).

The boys are planning to move to New York in a few months for their June release date, and we can't wait to welcome them to our shores with open arms. If you haven't heard them out yet then you don't know what your missing. Also, if you can't wait until June, two of the members did some backing vocals on Wayne Coyne's SXSW Jay Leno experience which you can watch tonight on NBC.

Dappled Cities

Live - Dappled Cities @ Pianos | NYC