Shy Child's Final NYC Shows... For Now

Your last chances to see the keytar driven dance awesomeness of Shy Child in the States for a few months are coming up. Pete and Nate are heading to London for a good long while, so if you happen to be in the NYC area, you've got three chances to catch them before they take off.

In honor of their departure, we're offering up the free download of Shy Child's remix of Editors' "Munich" once again. It is one hell of a great mix, so snag this one while you can. For our buddies in the UK, make sure you catch these guys as they criss-cross England and Scotland over the next couple of months. Hit up their MySpace page to see the overseas dates.

Editors - "Munich" (Shy Child Remix) MP3

Shy Child's Farewell Dates
03.23.07 - New York, NY (Sine)
03.24.07 - New York, NY (200 Orchard)
03.31.07 - New York, NY (Canal Room)

Shy Child

Shy Child's Final NYC Shows... For Now