The Fall + Mouse On Mars = Von Südenfed

The creative bug has stuck the legendary Mark E. Smith (The Fall). Not only is his band back making albums and touring, but he has also just teamed up with Andi Toma and Jan St Wener (both from Mouse On Mars) to create a new band. Going by Von Südenfed, the trio will release their debut album later this Spring in the UK on Domino Records. The first single will be "Fledermaus Can't Get Enough," and will be available as a 12", as well as digitally on May 7. If you can't wait to check out what this combination sounds like, head over to their MySpace page because two tracks are streaming from there now.

Tromatic Reflexxions:

01. "Fledermaus Can't Get Enough"
02. "he Rhinohead"
03. "Flooded"
04. "Family Feud"
05. "Serious Brainskin"
07. "Speech Contamination/German Fear Of Osterreich"
08. "The Young The Faceless And The Codes"
09. "Duckrog"
10. "Chicken Yiamas"
11. "That Sound Wiped"
12. "Jbak Lois Lane"
13. "Dearest Friends"


The Fall + Mouse On Mars = Von Südenfed