Nirvana's Nevermind Gets Its Dance On...Literally

It's old news now, but Nirvana's "Breed" is currently the song du jour for 2K Sports' Major League Baseball video game. What is notable though is that the grunge band's classic album Nevermind is getting a rather bazaar facelift this weekend in Seattle.

NME is reporting that the Seattle Spectrum Dance Theater will hold a world premiere of their dance show (done to the album) March 31-April 1 a the Moore Theatre. Two dancers (David Alewine and Allison Keppel) will represent the tragic Cobain and Courtney Love. Choreographer Donald Byrd commented to the Seattle Times on the idea and the relationship, "The tragedy of his drug addiction that didn't allow (Kurt Cobain) to see with the kind of clarity that would have made for different choices, I was just kind of drawn to that. It's like sometimes when you're watching 'Romeo and Juliet', you think, if they had just waited...even if it seems unbearable, it's going to change."

If Kurt Cobain were still alive today we would have to wonder what he would be thinking about all of this. Hopefully it won't be like this monstrosity.

Spectrum Dance Theater

Nirvana's Nevermind Gets Its Dance On...Literally