There was something special about the first album from Ben Folds Five. It had a warmth and charm that seemed to dwindle away after that debut record. On the debut from Greenpoint, NY's The Attorneys, that same feeling of excitement and indulgent pop goodness can be felt from start to finish.

The band formed last year, comprised of band members from New York as well as Fresno. Combined, they do have bits of sunny California pop blended nicely together with NYC indie rock to make up the sounds of their album, Stereocracy. This record couldn't have come at a better time, as the weather is warming up, springtime is finally giving us a break from the winter blues, and The Attorneys are here to provide an appropriate soundtrack.

The album begins with "On A Whim," alternating between guitar driven indie rock and bouncy piano pop. Singer/bassist Ryan George has in interesting '80s vibe to his voice, mixed with just a touch of Freddie Mercury. "Open Up" sounds almost like The Police after drinking way too much caffeine, but with a driving keyboard backbone. So, meshing '80s era Stevie Wonder with Scissor Sisters, this group really likes combining diverse influences into their sound, and it works.

Skipping a bit further down the album, you get the Cars meets Weezer meets Doo Wap single-in-the-making "The Way I Want." "Poppies" almost comes across as a b-side from Hot Hot Heat, bringing the indie rock vibe back to the album for a few minutes. Although Stereocracy isn't without a few stumbles, overall I was quite impressed with The Attorneys' debut. Their skill at combining various genres into a fun, diverse collection of songs shows that this is a band to keep an eye on.

"Open Up" MP3

The Attorneys