Radiohead Say No To Starbucks Rumors

Earlier this week the blogs and message boards were buzzing with rumors that Radiohead was considering a deal with the newly formed Starbucks record label, Hear Music. After inking a deal with Paul McCartney, chatter quickly picked up with stories of the band being spotted with various record label execs, including that of the mega coffee chain. It seemed very unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

Today various sources are confirming that this potential deal to release Radiohead's forthcoming new album is completely untrue. Fansite Green Plastic was first to announce that there was no such deal, followed by NME this morning. So where did these rumors stem from? According to BBC6 Music, a member of Radiohead's management company was spotted with Starbucks representatives.

The management company issued a statement to clear this mess up, in which they said: "Radiohead are currently in the studio working on their next record. They are not negotiating a new record deal with anyone, and will not even consider how to release their new music until the album is finished."

"The rumour that they are about to sign with Starbucks is totally untrue."

So there you have it. In actual Radiohead news, the band has given their website a slight facelift. The site opens directly to their Dead Air Space blog, which currently has photos from their recording sessions this month. For a pic of Thom and Ed working on the song "Arpeggi," click on the link below.


Radiohead Say No To Starbucks Rumors