Be A Star In The Next Placebo Video

Does anyone else find it odd that Placebo's newest single will be a cover of a Kate Bush song? While visions of The Futureheads are running rampant in our heads, the kids over at Placebo's new label in the States, Virgin Records (ie: Capitol Music Group), are hosting an interesting fan-participation contest.

For the upcoming video of "Running Up That Hill," the label is partnering with Motionbox in which the short will star you, the fan. In other words, the video will be comprised of Placebo fans singing the tune. In other other words, you are covering Placebo who is covering Kate Bush. Get it?

However, there are a few rules to the game. First of all, this will be limited to the first 1,000 fans who upload their video. To upload your video, go to before April 6. Don't know the words? Don't worry. You'll be able to download the instrumental song and lyrics from the site as well.



Be A Star In The Next Placebo Video