Download - Podcasts From Manchester Music Icons

If you ride the subway system in New York its hard to escape those "cheat on New York" posters that are everywhere. One of the images is of a pub persuading people to visit Manchester. In a chat with a friend I brought up the fact that I would love to go there and do Manchestery things like pubbing and going to shows. Low and behold, the Manchester Music Speaks website was brought to my attention today.

In conjunction with Manchester tourism board, the website offers some pretty cool content that is worth checking out. It hosts an exclusive series of six free podcasts by Manchester music icons, past and present. You can listen, download and subscribe to the series to not only learn more about the bands, but about the city as well. As of right now they have podcasts by Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), Mike Joyce (The Smiths), John Robb (Stone Roses biographer), Guy Garvey (Elbow), and Liam Frost with more to-be-announced people coming soon.

Now the question remains...would the other Liam and his bro Noel would do it?

Manchester Music Speaks

Download - Podcasts From Manchester Music Icons