Fridge Prepares First New Album In Six Years

After obsessing over Adem Ilhan's two solo albums over the past few years, we're quite excited to see that he is rejoining fellow band mates Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) and Sam Jeffers to release the first Fridge album in six years. The new record, The Sun, will be released via Temporary Residence Ltd on June 19 in the US. We don't know many other details on their fifth full-length release, except that it was produced by the band and was recorded at The Exchange and at Adem's house. Hopefully we'll have music soon, but until then at least we've got the track listing. Check it:

The Sun
01. "The Sun"
02. "Clocks"
03. "Our Place In This"
04. "Drums Of Life"
05. "Eyelids"
06. "Oram"
07. "Comets"
08. "Insects"
09. "Lost Time"
10. "Years And Years And Years..."


Fridge Prepares First New Album In Six Years