Download - Chase Pagan Five-Song EP

The cool folks over at The Milita Group have given us a five-track EP from musician Chase Pagan, which we are now offering up to our readers for free. Three of the tracks are taken from his upcoming album, Oh Musica. One of the non-album tracks is a rough version of Queen's "Play The Game," and Pagan's amazing falsetto vocals definitely do the song justice.

We enjoyed Chase Pagan's involvement with Bear Colony's recent self-titled album, but judging by the tracks on this free EP, his full-lenth record is going to be mighty awesome. Download these tracks while you can, and make sure you purchase Oh Musica when it hits stores this July.

The Chase Pagan EP
01. "Spanish Tongue" MP3
02. "Untitled" MP3
03. "Viola" MP3
04. "Lost" MP3
05. "Play The Game" (rough version) MP3

Chase Pagan

Download - Chase Pagan Five-Song EP