No one reminds us why God made amplifiers better than Dinosaur Jr.. After the Boston noise brigade Deep Wound sealed shut in 1983, feedback fanatic J Mascis and Lou Barlow locked in Murph the drummer and formed Dinosaur, who were later forced to add the "jr." thanks in part to another needless American lawsuit. In 1989 Mascis declared the band dead, then astonishingly resurrected it the very next day, only without Louie B. No tears were shed for Barlow though as he not only formed Sebadoh, Folk Implosion, Sentridoh, but also found the time for a random cameo on MTV's "Sex In The Nineties."

In 2005 a historic peace treaty was inked in blood between the bean town boys and now, nearly a quarter-century later, the good people at Fat Possum Records have ponied up the funds to press Beyond, the best make up sex ever recorded. This 11-track blast machine can be experienced best with earplugs safely wrapped in their container. "Been There All The Time," "Almost Ready," "What If I Knew" are what radio stations would be playing if radio stations were worth a fuck. Sharp, three and a half minute jabs of staggering pop that tickles and tears while retaining that marvelous muffle. "Lightning Bulb" ensures a sexy shock while "I Got Lost," with gentle kick drum, acoustic strums, and falsetto hums, shares a slice of the tender side. "Pick Me Up" is a daring slap of guitars that spins a cycle of heaviness, which descends into a vast swamp of jam. "It's Me" grooves the hell out of your brain cells. A chunky train of riffs, blindly chugging into a dark guitar solo that would make even Peter Frampton's pig squeal. Heaven knows how rare it is to be knocked out by a fist of fuzz-ball fun that is accessible yet unstable enough. Beyond is a tremendous reminder that old wicks still have good wax to burn.

"Almost Ready" MP3

Dinosaur Jr.
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