Ash Offers Details About Twilight Of The Innocents

Tim Wheeler and the somewhat recently downsized Ash have announced the title and tracklisting for their fifth full-length studio album, Twilight Of The Innocents. Returning to their days as a trio, the Irish boys dropped guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, headed to their very own NYC studio and self-produced the sessions themselves.

The album was definitely inspired to some extent by Wheeler's relocation to the Big Apple. About the sources of his songwriting, he said: "With Meltdown I was trying to deal with anything that wasn't personal. But I went through a lot of changes in my life before moving to New York and it was quite a confusing time. With this album, I wanted to deal with a lot of those emotions. There's optimism and there's hope in there, but there's some pretty heavy stuff too. It's definitely an album of experience - there's no way I could've written these songs five or ten years ago."

We've already checked out the video for the lead single, "You Can't Have It All," and are quite curious to hear the rest of the album. While we wait for our copy of Twilight to arrive, check out the track listing posted below.

Twilight Of The Innocents
01. "I Started A Fire"
02. "You Can't Have It All"
03. "Blacklisted"
04. "Polaris"
05. "Palace Of Excess"
06. "End Of The World"
07. "Ritual"
08. "Shadows"
09. "Princess Six"
10. "Dark And Stormy"
11. "Shattered Glass"
12. "Twilight Of The Innocents"


Ash Offers Details About Twilight Of The Innocents