Burning Brides Go DIY With Hang Love

Many bands share a similar story to that of Burning Brides. You slowly cultivate a devoted following, release some killer records, get a label deal, lose said label deal due to downsizing in the shitty music industry, etc. That would be the end of many groups' careers, but not for Burning Brides. The band has completed their third full-length studio album, Hang Love, and has taken several precautions to make sure that they don't get screwed over.

The new album will be released on June 19 via Modart, an imprint with distribution through Caroline/EMI. Burning Brides have maintained ownership of the album's masters, and will also oversee all aspects of the marketing side of things as well.

Hang Love was recorded with engineer Mathias Schneeberger (Mark Lanegan, Joseph Arthur) in his Arcadia, California studio. Frontman Dimitri Coats described the record as "the best Brides album yet." While we wait to hear their latest slice of rock & roll awesomeness in its entirety, hop over to the band's MySpace page to preview a few tracks.

Hang Love
01. "Ring Around The Rosary"
02. "San Diego"
03. "She Comes To Me"
04. "Waring Street"
05. "Your Nation Will Die"
06. "Unglued"
07. "Poor House"
08. "Feel No Shame"
09. "Hang Love"
10. "And I'm Free"

Burning Brides

Burning Brides Go DIY With Hang Love