Panels For In The City Of New York Announced

By now you know that In The City Of New York is taking place June 13-14 at the W Hotel in Union Square and Nokia Theatre. The panels for the daytime events were just announced, and you can read what they will be below. As of now some of the panel members will consist of Jason Flom, Fred Davis, Marc Geiger, Tom Silverman, Ted Cohen, Ralph Simon and Bob Lefsetz.

There are a limited number of delegate passes, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis here. Remember, you can be a part of the night events by entering our contest.

DRM: The end is nigh or is it?
Jobs and Niccoli say it's over; it's what Ged Doherty said at In The City in Manchester last October. Didn't go down well. He got in trouble for his honesty and his pains; whose pain will DRM be if it continues?

Hey, man, New York Freeway's blocked, man: Festivals in the 3rd Millennium
Glastonbury sold out in minutes, Coachella getting full of Brits, who says the music business is in trouble?

The Howl Seminar - "I have seen the best minds of my generation" - Debate the future of this wonderful business
It's chaos out there for the record companies; they don't know whether they're coming or going. Most of them think they're going. To offer some signposts to the future, ITCofNY invites some of its favorite clever people. Correction, very clever people. You don't need a weatherman but you do need to listen to these folks.

Bring me your poor and huddled masses - and we'll make stars of them and ship them back.
From Hendrix to the Killers: why/how do US bands get their first exposure in the UK? Is it that the UK is we're more open? Is it because your radio is shit? Let's all hear it for Chas Chandler; how come it took a Geordie bass player to launch the creator of the electric guitar?

The New Music Retailers Panel
Apple showed the way but there's a bunch of other guys on their tail; when's Amazon getting in, will anyone give us full on variable pricing, and who wants Paul McCartney with their latte or Malcolm McLaren with their new sofa? (Great album though, sir)

Formats are dead!
Or is that radio is dead? The Top Thirty programming was based around sociological research carried out in the 50s. Are we all still the same? Do we want more or do we just love more of the same thing?

A Brand New Approach to Music
A music industry in crisis still looks attractive to anyone trying to sell anything to young people...make that sell anything to anyone. Here in the UK they're selling Marks and Spencer's clothes with Itchycoo Park. "What did you do there? I got high." Yeah. Maybe we don't sell music anymore, we sell other people's products.

The ITC Hypothetical
In The City's most in-demand ticket as a group of industry insiders are taken through a hypothetical situation, which demands cunning, and in some cases even moral fibre.

In The City Of New York

Panels For In The City Of New York Announced