Robert Smith Denies Ashlee Simpson Collaboration

With all the drama that was the Ashlee Simpson/Robert Smith item that hit the web earlier this week, it’s safe to say people are still talking about it. We’ve seen open letters to Robert Smith, kids freaked out and people saying that Fat Bob has officially lost it. For those that still care about the ordeal, we were tipped to a post made on Chain Of Flowers. The website is always first on Cure related news, and it according to the entry Robert Smith is denying that the collaboration will happen. Read it below to see for yourself. Oh and Bob, if you are reading this, we are sorry for saying that the makeup and hairspray seeped into your pores. You still have fans in our office.


- A week later and now everyone seems to have picked up the RS/Ashlee Simpson story – NME, VH1′s Best Week Ever, FMQB, AntiMusic, Yahoo, Whiskey Soda, All Headline News, New Zealand Herald, The Guardian, Moldova, Tonight. KROQ is reporting it too, though just repeating the NME story (which is just repeating the original Entertainment Weekly story).

Update – RS says he didn’t do it. So did Joe Simpson lie? Was he misquoted? Or can it all be blamed on acid reflux…again. The real question is whether EW, NME, etc. will retract or correct their stories?

- 3 things about the RS/Ashlee thing – First, it is NOT an April Fool’s joke. I posted the original EW story back on March 23rd. Second, none of these new articles confirm it, they are just repeating info from the EW story. Third, if it is true, why are so many of you “surprised”, “disgusted”, “saddened”, etc. ? Have you been paying attention over the last 3 or 4 years?

Chain Of Flowers

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