Editors Torn Between Two Album Titles

The Birmingham, England based Editors, one of our favorites from the past year or so, have been diligently working on the follow up to their stellar debut, The Back Room. The wait for new music is nearly over, as frontman Tom Smith believes they will have their new single and album out in the next couple of months.

Smith recently spoke with British radio station XFM, where he discussed the sound of the new album, as well as the two potential titles for the record. About the sound, he said: "Sounds good, sound big. I think its got some of our biggest moment but also some of our most intimate, smallest things we've ever done at the same time. So yeah, big songs."

So how about those album titles? Smith revealed that it is between two songs that will appear on the release, "The Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors" and "End Has A Start." If the album is just a few months away, more information should start trickling down very soon. In the meantime, head over to XFM to hear the interview with Tom Smith in its entirety.


Editors Torn Between Two Album Titles