Sound Of Silver

Sound Of Silver could be the most dangerous collection of music since Nevermind. And Nevermind The Bollocks. This is snotty, fierce, exploratory noise that if handled properly could take over the world! But it won't. The lucky victims of such erotic audio won't be close to the number damaged by that of grunge or punk. James Murphy lacks the marketable meloncholy of Cobain or newsworthy sneer of Rotten. Which are prime reinforcements of his realness. He's a cheeky bastard who makes the crowd move with beats and lyrics that all seem so simple on paper, but inside the mind there is no time to think of anything but how great they make you feel.

"Get Innocuous," is a seven minute boom of sexy with a cymbal crash ending like the nuclear bomb. On the second track "Its Time To Get Away," Murphy's vocals hoop and woop around like a goofed up mongoose, chirping and flirping high and excited with a sense of play.

"North American Scum" is a very catchy and accessible song, one that the main stream of consumer sailors forever drowning in the filthy waters of America, might not buy buy buy. Such anti-sentiment doesn't cause registers to collect cash as much as gussied up trash. But this anthem is a powerful one that continues to reverberate across the globe, all thanks to the letter W. In a perfect world "scum" would either smash the hole wide apart or be blacklisted by the GOP, something to cause a stir. But sadly I do not think much will come of this audio achievement. The reality of its existence will only be experienced by those who choose to find it, unless the power shifts.

"Someone Great" takes my breath away like Berlin with the thumping intro of a sad symphony of synthesizers. A poem for a loved one, young or old, this dazzler boasts the reimbursement of horror 'and it keeps coming til the day it stops.' Yet as he depicts the reality of that scene he creeps us back out now with the warning, 'we're safe for the moment.'

"All Of My Friends" is a grower not a shower, let me tell you. The classic dilemma of having friends but not wanting to see them or wanting them near when they were never really there. The seven minute serenade takes us to the sun, 'if the sun comes up and I still don't want to stand at home,' we keep riding in that convertible with the top down cruising across the dusty roads of sparkling highways into the electronic future.

"Watch The Tapes" is a perfect contender for second single star. A quick zap of fuzz that pierces through loony land, howling and barking like crazed animals, 'owoo hoo.' But if radio were to take a risk on a sizzler like this, the P-1 listeners in major market cities might listen and react, causing a riot of freaks to rip their speakers off. Or other such antics.

"Sound Of Silver" obviously harkens to the pimple popping, non sport playing, french kissing the back of your hand days of high school like a real life emotional teenager. This is cool out room material, something safe to fall into on the way home from the club, when the sun is rising and your blind eyes are watering themselves shut.

"New York, I Love You" is a postcard from the New York City of now to the past where all things were dirtier and sexier from the artist's point of view. Location, after all, is everything.

LCD Soundsystem, who released their self-titled debut studio album two years ago, have arrived just in the nick of time. The message is full throttle positive. Every kid must dance and every vibe must be felt. Oh, and if a smile cracks in the process, then that's far out and right on too. Sound Of Silver is so 2007 that historians will never be able to understand the reflective vibrations of hear and now. The boy knows how to make an ass shake. The only question is, can he make millions of universal asses quake.

LCD Soundsystem
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Sound Of Silver