James Murphy Speaks Out

Clad in his power tie and sports jacket, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem sat with reporters last Friday morning for a press conference of sorts, discussing the recent backlash he and his family have faced since the release of Sounds of Silver. As expected, it turned into a festival of sarcastic wit, Sting/Police bashing, and (of course) recipes for cubed breakfast potatoes were traded.

So some other news that James spilled was pretty expected-he's old now. He's ready to party, but less often. He's got the wife, the dog Yoko (who is more of a fashionista than a Matt Penfield) and admits "I don't like to be in this merry go round. I like to watch it roll."

So what does that mean? He's saving canned food in case this "backlash" gets to be too much to handle; AKA he doesn't really care. People have been comparing the LCD sounds to Lindstrom and Ed Banger to prove Murphy is not at the front anymore-that they're over. "We've been over for a long time," he says.

But then there are also those blog posts he had been contributing for a while to The Guardian. He has since had to stop, although he loved doing it, due to his inability to multitask..."mono-committal" as he puts it. At the time, some readers were throwing punches, getting personal against Murphy and even at his wife Mandy. "Now I realize [those commentators are] stupid," he says. These people were commenting on spelling mistakes or ridiculous, non-relative topics to the articles that didn't make sense. He commented, "The optimistic side of me took a blow."

But all of you supporters out there-don't do anything for him; he says that's for the best. He likes to defend himself in the end. He's proud of what he does and feels good about defending it. And in any case, he can do a better job of it using his Brazilian Jujitsu power-no hitting, only choking and breaking things...preferably to the sounds of The Fall's "Totally Wired" (his words, not mine).

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James Murphy Speaks Out