The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn

On The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn, the third spell cast by the Brooklyn-based CocoRosie, Sierra and Bianca Casady sprinkle a trail of mercurial sounds that whistle atop the frightening trees of an untamed forest, which we willingly venture into. The promising disease of noise that screams like mad throughout this album is an electronic hybrid of folk and folklore, of mystics and gypsies, of witches and warlocks, injected into your veins by a pair of sinister sisters.

From the ceremonial harmonies on "Rainbowarriors," to the deep funk of "Promise," The Adventures gives the illusion of a safety instantly shattered by the haunting thud of haphazard racket. By the time "Bloody Twins" spooks out of the speakers, we become confined inside a music box from the black and white grainy days of yesteryear, before the whirlwind of the Orient spins us to "Japan," where everybody wants to go.

The Casady sisters' voice is often compared to the flutter of Bjork or yowl of Joanna Newsom, but without a community of peers, the artist would sit unknown and alone. Albeit deranged and incongruent, The Adventures is an attractive opera of considerable value. Sierra and Bianca Casady's unique brand of hypnotic-hop is an important achievement in the propulsion of experimental music, whatever it means today, or will mean in the future.

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The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn