Converse + The Ramones = Awesome

When you buy a pair of sneakers in New York City, they get pretty beat up in just a few days. When you get a pair of Ramones-inspired Chuck Taylors, they solve that problem by already looking nice and worn. The folks at Converse have teamed up with (PRODUCT)RED to create a pretty badass pair of Chuck Taylors done up Ramones style, and they look rather awesome. According to Freshness Mag, these are the next in their artist collaboration series, which come beat up and dirty and ready to tackle the NYC streets. A special Ramones patch is used where the Chuck Taylor one normally goes, making this a must-have for any die-hard fan.

These Ramones-inspired Chucks will be available this summer as part of Converse's partnership with (RED). For more information on the organization, hit the link below. Helping raise money to assist women and children affected by AIDS in Africa is a mighty good cause, making these shoes totally worth the money. For more info, roll over to Freshness Mag's website.

Freshness Mag

Converse + The Ramones = Awesome