Radiohead Gets Stir Crazy In Studio, Creates Video

Remember those video blips that were used to promote Radiohead's Kid A album? The dudes behind those clips, The Vapour Brothers, have returned with another online blast of eye candy for the band in the form of a pretty messed up montage of animation, music, studio footage and more.

The link to this video was posted by Thom Yorke on the band's Dead Air Space site. To explain why it was created, Yorke said: "This is what happens when you spend too long listening to the same thing over and over again until you just cant tell anymore and you have to do something else instead."

Are you ready to see odd clips of the band around a campfire, working in the studio, Yorke holding up what could be lyrics or just random poetic craziness, Yorke dancing behind the ones and twos, and plenty more? Being that this is titled (in Thom-speak) "A Wee Treap Doon Memori Lane," it is safe to assume that the studio footage is taken from the recording of Hail To The Thief. While a few songs sound like the band just jamming, you can definitely hear "I Am A Wicked Child" and "A Punchup At A Wedding" for a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy.

And what the fuck is up with the bouncing cow?

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Radiohead Gets Stir Crazy In Studio, Creates Video