Diesel-U-Music Wants Your Unsigned Band

OK, so your band is awesome, or at least that is what your girlfriend keeps telling you. If you think that your band has what it takes and you're just waiting for that one big break, perhaps this could be it. It is time for the Diesel-U-Music International Music Competition, which will get your demos, album, or whatever you've got in the hands of a panel of judges consisting of artists, producers, label reps and bloggers. There will also be a public vote, giving you the chance to have your mom and all of her bridge club members to vote for The Soupy Placemats, My Heart Is An Emotional Patchwork Of Pain, Angry Angry Arachnids or whatever your band is named.

Since this is an international contest, winners will be picked from six locations: United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and the good ol' US of A. One rock band, one hip hop group and one electronic artist from each region will be selected. If you happen to be picked as a finalist, you and your band will be flown to London for the awards ceremony in July.

Feeling excited? Think your jams are good enough to win this? Roll over to the Diesel-U-Music website and submit your tunes today. Good luck!


Diesel-U-Music Wants Your Unsigned Band