Follow-Up - The Joy Division Sneakers

Remember these cute/we-don't-know-what-to-make-of-them-cos-they-might-be-wrong trainers we tipped you off too last week? Yeah, so anyway we found out more information on them.

They were made by Dylan Adair, and he has set the record straight about them on the Crooked Tongue Forums, which was picked up by The New Balance Blog. (Um, they have a blog?)


"So...I've watched these photos get posted on a few sites now and I think that it's time to put some things to rest. I did these NB customs, and the Nike Blazer was my work as well. The blazer was done in late 2005 as my contribution to Sneakerpimps when the expo stopped in my hometown of Montreal, Canada. The main impetus for doing the project was that I felt that a lot of "themed" shoes were pretty weak in terms of the story that they were trying to tell. I set about trying to incorporate as much detail to the shoes as Peter Saville, 8VO, or Johnson Panas would have put into any of the Factory releases. The shoe was my way of commemorating 25 years since Ian Curtis had passed. I had a blast doing it and listening to JD, ACR, NO, Durutti, etc. while I was working on it. That's it.

- I was asked by NB to customize a pair of 576's after they saw the Blazers. I re-did the white Unknown Pleasures concept and the Black and Green look was inspired by the Substance '87 album cover.

- From what I have been told, they (NB) are passing on the project. The shoes are a one-off prototype, and will stay that way...

- New Order are keen to do something concurrent with the release of the film Control, so who knows what will pop up this year. From what I gather, they liked the shoe.

- Is Ian rolling in his grave...likely.
- Did he roll in his grave when Supreme used JD/NO artwork in 2005 and Raf Simons did in 2003? - Likely.
- This was as much about reaffirming Saville's influence on me as a designer as my love of the band.

- There was a Hacienda inspired treatment for a Nike Stab as well.

Thanks for the lively discussion."

Follow-Up - The Joy Division Sneakers