Details Of Devendra Banhart's Next Album Emerge

Although we don't know much yet, it is confirmed that Devendra Banhart is currently working on his fifth full-length album. It is currently untitled, and song titles are still a mystery, but the LP is underway, being produced by Banhart along with his longtime friend and touring band member Noah Georgeson.

He has quite a cast of musicians surrounding him as the album continues to take shape in various Los Angeles studios. Gerogeson will be performing on the tracks (who was also on Banhart's debut album Find Shelter). Others include Luckey Remington, Pete Newsom (Joanna Newsom's brother), Rodrigo Amarante (Los Hermanos), Greg Rogove, Matteah Baim (formerly of Metallic Falcons), Otto Hauser (Espers) and Andy Cabic (Vetiver).

As more details bubble up, we will keep you updated.

Devendra Banhart

Details Of Devendra Banhart's Next Album Emerge