Into The Fall

My first impressions of Motocade were pretty immediate. I thought to myself, "Great, another Bloc Party inspired rock band." Fortunately I left the CD running and gave it a real chance, and quickly realized that this is a damn impressive release. Into The Fall is the second EP for New Zealand's Motocade, and it is jam packed with dark melodies, strong vocals and yes, a big nod to British post-punk indie rock.

The band was formed back in 2005, comprised of Eden Mulholland (guitar/vox), Will Mulholland (drums - and yes, they are brothers), Scott Sutherland (bass) and Geordie McCallum (guitar/keyboards). If I hadn't looked around online for the band's background, I would have assumed that they were British, sounding quite a bit like The Rakes, but with Eden Mulholland's chilling falsetto vocals.

"State And Maine," the EP's opening track, features tight dueling guitar work and precise drumming that helps this one nicely chugging along. They are able to capture some dense textures and a paranoid vibe to the song once it kicks in with the chorus, using nothing more than killer musicianship rather than studio trickery.

Motocade really hit their stride on "Bomb Squad." Mullholand's delivery may sure resemble that of Bloc Party's Kele Okereke at several moments throughout the song, but as it rolls on the influence of Kings Of Leon becomes just as apparent. It is a really cool balance between those two, blended up with a dash of The Strokes. This is a fucking blast of a song (no pun intended), and the video is great as well. Give your eyeballs a treat and watch it below. Make sure keep it going to the very end... it is worth it.

The other highlight of this EP is the danceable "My Friends," which lets Mullholand really show off his falsetto vocals. The track is pretty sparse, keeping the guitar and vocals in the spotlight. They throw in a ridiculously catchy hook to keep you coming back for more, something they do repeatedly throughout the seven tracks on this release. They aren't breaking any new ground here, but they sure are making some awfully great songs. Seriously, "Bomb Squad" just won't get the fuck out of my head, but that is just fine by me.

"My Friends" MP3


Into The Fall