Field Music To Go On Hiatus

We're a bit saddened by the news that the UK pop trio Field Music may be calling it quits for now. The band was recently on the BBC's 6 Music to promote their latest single, "She Can Do What She Wants," as part of an in-studio performance. The band announced the sad news while being interviewed by Gideon Coe.

During the chat, they said: "We basically want to do things that aren't classed as 'Field Music indie band.' It just makes us sick so I we want to do something else. We want to still work with the people we like recording with and recording in the way that we do and make the music that we do. But we don't want to have to compete in the sphere of indiedom."

They continued: "We're not going to be a band for a bit. But Field Music aren't going to be over because we've already got a bank account under the name, so we'll just continue of a company. It's time to go and do some real work."

The band members are looking for regular jobs at the moment, while they are each working on solo albums. Perhaps they will have a change of heart and will bring Field Music back to life down the road a bit. We can always hope!

Field Music

Field Music To Go On Hiatus