Video - Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) "West Coast"

Apparently good ol' Jason Schwartzman, formerly of Phantom Planet, has launched a new solo project titled Coconut Records. The actor/musician, who most of us became familiar with thanks to his role as Max Fischer in Wes Anderson's classic film Rushmore, has completed and released a debut LP titled Nighttiming.

From the clips we've heard so far, it actually sounds like a decent pop record. For a taste, check out the video for his single "West Coast." About the video, Schwartzman said: "I had heard about this documentary that Cheryl Dunn shot where Mark Gonzales takes over a museum, but had never seen
it. Since we are doing this record by ourselves without a budget for a video, I thought it would be cool to cut that footage to this song, knowing Marks' fans would want to see it too. Mark was so cool to let me use it. I think it fits the song great." We do too!

Coconut Records

Video - Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) "West Coast"