Restart Now!

Restart Now! is a lewd attack from future punks Foreign Islands. Charged with the temperamental moxie of a crack head celebrating his birthday, the Islands plant their flag deep into the spine of a territory first inhabited by fellow Brooklyn Zoo crews Liars, Les Savy Fav, and Radio 4.

Vocalist Mark Ryan, leads the march of these new noise wizards who have been torching stages and exploding amps since their inception in 2005. "We Know You Know It" is a nasty little thing, seductive and slippery like a flirty thing eyeing you from way across the other side of the earsplitting room as "That's How This Goes Down" serves as the new golden ticket for disc jockeys in clubs around the world to move a crowd. Behind a scathing inferno of guitars, electronics, and vocal clamor, they prick with a viperous strike, ultimately blasting bones to a mound of burning cinders.

Labels are tripping over these untamed sirens who shook the souls out of every A&R at SXSW. Foreign Islands are tip toeing across a razor sharp tightrope, destined to become the globe's next great dance floor sensations, or vanish into a sinkhole of wasted energy.

"We Know You Know It" MP3

Foreign Islands

Restart Now!