Peace Out Patrick Wolf

At a point when his career is on a nice upward trajectory here in the US, it seems that Patrick Wolf has reached the end of his rope. With the domestic release of his latest album, The Magic Position, just a week away, Wolf has officially announced his final show. Oh Patrick, it feels like we were just now getting to know ya.

Wolf posted a lengthy diatribe on his official message board, which was confirmed as being legit by the administrator, where he explained the recent firing of his drummer and his decision to call it a day. So why quit? He explained: "I have enjoyed making and performing music for you all, I have enjoyed trying to give a little hope and inspiration to the world. But I feel, especially when I read all this and I go about my days that I have failed. I'm not seeking sympathy or empathy, god, I have to go find something I love and am inspired by in this world again. Many of you will never know the amount of work and emotion that goes on behind the scenes for me and many of your other favourite artists or musicians and why should you? I wanted to give you Disneyland... I wanted to give you a world at the back of your wardrobe, now im just feel a fool for bothering." OK, somebody is in dire need of a hug.

Wolf's final show will take place this November in London. It will be a retrospective complete with an orchestra, and at least for now, that will mark the end of this chapter of Wolf's career. To read more, click the link below to his message board (via Stereogum).

Patrick Wolf

Peace Out Patrick Wolf