Domino Slaps A Fresh Coat Of Paint On Sebadoh's The Freed Man

Now that you've had enough time to digest the fancy shmancy reissue of Sebadoh's III, Domino Records is back with yet another tasty treat from Lou Barlow and Co. On July 10, the label will release a deluxe version of The Freed Man, the first album by Sebadoh. What makes it even more impressive is that this will be the first time it will have been released on CD, as it was originally only available on vinyl and cassette back in '89. Many of the tracks appeared on The Freed Weed, but this time it is the real deal.

When this sucker hits stores, make sure you find a comfortable place to relax before you throw it on, as the re-mastered disc contains a jaw-dropping fifty-two tracks. Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney also beefed up the liner notes as well. Check out this tracklisting:

The Freed Man
01. "Healthy Sick"
02. "Level Anything"
03. "Soulmate"
04. "Ladybugs"
05. "Close Enough"
06. "True Hardcore"
07. "Julienne"
08. "Wrists Sebadoh"
09. "Amherst Hanging House"
10. "McKinley's Lament"
11. "Solid Brown"
12. "Narrow Stories"
13. "Bridge Was You"
14. "Drifts On Thru"
15. "Overturns"
16. "Yellow Sumbarine"
17. "Squirrel Freedom Overdrive"
18. "Little Man"
19. "Land Of The Lords"
20. "Bolder Sebadoh"
21. "Believe"
22. "Deny"
23. "Wall Of Doubt"
24. "Crumbs Sebadoh"
25. "I Love Me"
26. "K-Sensa-My"
27. "Lou Rap"
28. "Punch In The Nose"
29. "Resistance To Flo"
30. "Stop The Wheel"
31. "Loose n Screw"
32. "Oak Street Raga"
33. "Last Day Of School"
34. "Jealous Evil"
35. "Moldy Bread"
36. "Made Real"
37. "Cindy"
38. "Nest"
39. "My Decision"
40. "Fire Of July"
41. "Jaundice"
42. "Design"
43. "Dance"
44. "Cyster"
45. "Powerbroker"
46. "The Lorax"
47. "Pig"
48. "Hung Up"
49. "Slow To Learn"
50. "Elements"
51. "Attention"
52. "Your Long Journey"


Domino Slaps A Fresh Coat Of Paint On Sebadoh's The Freed Man