Amy Winehouse + Shaun Ryder = Babyshambles?

This sounds like it would either be amazing, or if nothing else, one for the books. Babyshambles are currently working on their sophomore album and are in negotiations to rope in Amy Winehouse and Shaun Ryder for a few tunes.

All the members (sans Pete) stopped by XFM and said they had 35 songs already penned for the new record including "Delivery," "Little Heart Ache" and "Death Left Hands." Bassist Drew McConnell also spoke about Winehouse/Ryder collaborations saying, "She's a friend of ours. The Shaun Ryder one is in negotiation at the moment. Our people are talking to their people hopefully...we'll see what happens."

If this goes down as it might, we'd love to be a fly on the studio's wall when this is being recorded.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse + Shaun Ryder = Babyshambles?