Bez Not Joining Happy Mondays At Coachella

Although we can't say that we are surprised in the slightest, the maraca rockin' Bez will not be with the Happy Mondays at this year's Coachella performance. Happy Mondays without Bez? Will they get somebody to fill in on dancing duties? Although it will still be cool for fans to see the band in the US, as it has been fifteen years since the group last performed on our shores, watching them without Bez is like eating birthday cake without frosting. The "official" reason for his not making it across the big pond is due to tightening immigration and working visa legislation. Hmmm.

Oh well. We're sure it will still be great to see them perform. While watching them blast through "Kinky Afro" or "Step On," just think of the infamous commercial for Bez's Madchesters Anthems. Relive the magic by twisting your melon to the clip below.

Happy Mondays

Bez Not Joining Happy Mondays At Coachella