Cornershop Working On Two New Albums

It has been five years since we last heard a full-length release from Cornershop. Tjinder Singh has been working in Paris, London and Preston Lancs, writing tunes for the follow-up to the '02 release Handcream For A Generation. In fact, he is not just working on one LP, but is actually preparing two albums to be released in the very near future.

Silent Uproar gave us the heads up, so we decided to look around to see what else was going on with the band best known for their hit "Brimful Of Asha." It seems that Jarvis Cocker has invited them to perform at the Meltdown Festival on June 21.

Since we haven't seen it in quite some time, here is the video for "Brimful Of Asha." How has it been TEN YEARS since this came out?


Cornershop Working On Two New Albums