Beastie Boys Go Instrumental

Yesterday we announced that the new album from the Beastie Boys was on its way. This morning we received more information on the new record, officially titled The Mix-Up. On June 26, B-Boys will release their first ever full-length instrumental album, so no vocals, no samples and no scratches. Longtime fans who enjoyed The In Sound From Way Out will dig this record, which features Mike D, Adrock and MCA rocking real instruements, as well as Money Mark on keys and Alfredo Ortiz on percussion. Peep the tracklisting below.

The Mix-Up
01. "B For My Name"
02. "14th St. Break"
03. "Succo De Tangerina"
04. "The Gala Event"
05. "Electric Worm"
06. "Freaky Hijiki"
07. "Off The Grid"
08. "The Rat Cage"
09. "The Melee"
10. "Dramastically Different"
11. "The Cousin Of Death"
12. "The Kangaroo Rat"

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys Go Instrumental